Friday, March 25, 2011

Lulu vs. the Squirrel

Springtime brings sunshine, cool breezes and squirrels.  Squirrels that lay on top of our fence.  Lay on top of our fence and sun themselves.
And when the squirrel lays on our fence it causes Lulu to go crazy.  She sees the squirrel, charges and then spends the minutes that follow trying to climb the fence.
Look at the air that she gets!

Squirrel realizes that Lulu has some ups and decides to lean on the opposite side of the fence to blend in a little more.
Lulu is not fooled...
Then, Squirrel decides that it needs to be hidden a little more and pulls this move....
What?!  Crazy Squirrel!  
How are you holding on to the fence like that?  I decided I had to find out.  So I climbed the fence to get a little closer look...
After snapping this photo, Squirrel took off on a mad dash sprint down the fence and then bolted into a flying leap onto the roof.
Which made Lulu chase her down, bark and pace back and forth beneath the roof.

Squirrel - 1; Lulu worn out from barking and pacing.  

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