Saturday, April 23, 2011

lunch bunch

There are certain people that you know that are in your life for a purpose.  It's no accident.  It's divine appointments.

That's how I feel about the group of guys that are Benjamin's class mates, study partners and dear friends.  The past four years of dental school would have been very different without this group.  Starting first year this group befriended each other and found an empty room where they could study and eat lunch together.  The Married Mens Group, or Lunch Bunch as they are known have been such a support for each other.  From my perspective, these guys have helped my husband keep his sanity and enjoy his time at BCD.

They are all married to fabulous women.
They are all unique in what they bring to the group.
They are awesometown.
They are an answer to prayer.

The graduating class of 2011 took their group picture last week.  This picture will adorn the halls of Baylor College of Dentistry for decades to come.  This group all decided to stand out in a subtle wearing white dress shirts, black ties and black glasses.  Let's just say the secretary of Student Affairs was not amused.

Nathaniel, Matt, Benjamin, Brian, Jeremy, Brian, Todd, Stephen
Keeping BCD nerdy since 2007.
My uberfavorite!
This will be largely printed and hung in our office.

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