Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GAPTAP: WWYD with One More Day?

Alrighty folks.  We are in the window of arrival for the wee one, so literally any day now.  Or as my Mom reminded me - Noah and I were both 11 days late so any time before October 20th would be much appreciated!  

My question is this:
If you knew you had one more day until your world was about to be rocked by a tiny human, what would you do?

I have already gotten a pedicure {Trophy Wife by Essie, a great fall color!}, had the house cleaned and Benjamin and I are maximizing the out to eat time we have as only he and me.  

Let's hear what you did or what you wish you would have done! 


  1. Go to a movie...after dark! Going out after dark is a luxury :). Oh and sleep in as late as you can! Good luck with baby boy.

  2. Just walk around Target looking. Between Caroline eating and Andrew wanting everything it just doesn't happen anymore. - Jeanine.

  3. Yup, I agree. It's sounds silly, but go grocery shopping by yourself. Go shopping by yourself. Buy a few new pieces to motivate yourself to get back into after the baby. Shopping after having a baby is just not as fun and relaxing as it used to be. Definitely sleep in!!

  4. totally agree with the movie. I wanted to see "The Hunger Games" before Cash was born and low and behold, he was born the day (morning) it came out!! Totally had to wait for Netflix. :/

  5. Take a bath! A long. hot. one! I loved my soaking tub before my little one came along...I'd read a magazine until the water got cold. Now, its a very quick more relaxing!! Good luck!


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