Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goals and Resolutions

Last year, I took the time to sit down and write out some resolutions for 2012.  I was all gung-ho and ready to go - starting out with gusto especially on the books piece completing three books in less than two weeks and then... pregnancy!  

I am proud to say that I was able to keep up with being intentional on reading and meditation on The Word.  I believe that I was able to love others well and we did really well on the cooking/trying new restaurants thing... leaning more towards the restaurants!  What I did not do so hot at was doing anything of Project 52 and reading 24 books.  Ah well - life happens and priorities change.

For 2013, I have decided to do things a little more simply by way of goals and resolutions:

1. Continue the habit of reading God's Word daily.

2. Keep my desk at home cleaned off.  I did the unthinkable this week: cleaned off the top of my desk and cleaned out all of the drawers.  I think my mother and husband nearly died when they saw it!  I'm great at piling things up, going through the piles from time to time and going on my merry way.  However, I will admit, it is nice to have a clean surface to do typing or writing!

3. Start the habit of reading at night to Winston.  He is already following the pages when we read to him and I think it would be special time that Benjamin and I would love having with him after busy days at work.

4.  Read 12 books.  One per month.  I think I can do it!  Now - anyone have any good suggestions?  

5. Try cooking a new dish or trying a new restaurant every month.  This was something that Benjamin and I enjoyed doing together, with family and with friends!  

Five things.  Five things to be mindful of and to try to accomplish.  Here we go, 2013!

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  1. Reading to Pearson at Winston's age always seemed like a chore because he never really paid attention, but as soon as they love to look at books, it won't just be one book a night but more like 10.


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