Saturday, January 26, 2013

Monster Jam at 3 Months!

For years, when we'd be driving down the road and see signs promoting Monster Jam, Benjamin and I would turn to each other and say - "Oh!  That would be fun!  We need to see how long it's in town for!"  Inevitably, it would be the last weekend in Houston and we'd say, "We'll go next time!"  Well, our next time finally arrived!

We decided that it would be a perfect event for our Valentine's 2013 and a way to celebrate Winston turning 3 months.  Benjamin purchased some hearing protection for baby and let me tell you they worked perfectly!  He wasn't even phased by the noise...
but more on that in a minute!

Noah and Salem joined us for our adventure.  It was Salem's first time for this experience as well.  Before meeting them at our seats, Benjamin, Winston and I went early thanks to our free pit passes from Advanced Auto Parts and walked around the arena soaking in all of the Monster trucks and their glory!
You can kinda tell here - but Winston was fast asleep for most of our time in the pit.  Every once in a while he would open his eyes, smile and shut them again!  It's like he knows that he will be along for almost all of the crazy rides that Benjamin and I go on!
Yes, Winston is wearing a little devil hat.  It only seemed fitting for the Tour of Destruction!

Benjamin purchased tickets in the club level and I highly recommend sitting in that section of Reliant if you attend an event there.  They have oversized chairs, tables and food vendors only for people who purchase tickets in that area.  I had been in that section before, but under the light of having a wee human, it became more fabulous than before!  Just knowing that if things went south and Winston couldn't handle the noise we could sit on a comfy couch and watch what was going on from inside was awesome.  
Before the big start of the show, we all put on our ear protection and headed to our seats!  We had a great view of the arena below us.
As soon as we were back in our seats, the lights dimmed and a massive roar of power filled the air as the Monster Trucks started their entrance into the arena!  The sound of the rumbling engines was impressive and I was so thankful that we had purchased Winston his very own pair of hearing protection. As I said earlier, he didn't seem too bothered with the noise.  He slept like this through most of the racing portion of the show:
Sound out and not phased by anything!  I am constantly amazed at how well he does in all of the outings that we take him on.  He is such a trooper and sweet boy.  
Our favorite part of the night was the freestyle where the trucks could drive up and do stunts off of the beaters piled in the middle of the arena.  Lots of air time and total crashing mayhem!
And we got proof that Winston was awake during the event with smiles!  While he was awake he ate and was "talked" up a storm!  I am fairly certain he was telling us that this has been by far the coolest thing he has done in his little life.  Although when he asked if he could be a Monster Truck driver, we told him we'd get back to him on that...  He did have a good time watching the total destruction below him...
But I'm not sure he enjoyed it as much as I did.... 
Yes, that's a foam replica of Grave Digger on my head...and yes, we bought the cotton candy so 1) Noah and I could eat it and 2) so I could have this sweet hat!  Speaking of Grave Digger, here are a few shots of his freestyle!
All in all, a successful outing and a fabulous way say "I love you!" and "Hooray!  You've made it three months!"

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