Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reflections of Thankfulness: July

Today is July 31st.  The end of a month and half of a year on the same day!  2013, where did you go??  I took some time to reflect on all that has taken place this month and here are 31 things I am thankful for:

1.  God's timely provisions
2.  The celebration of six years of marriage!
3.  The success of Lulu's surgery  
4.  Winston's adorable giggles
5.  Our independence and freedom
6.  Starbucks coffee for $1.50
7.  Gentle evening breezes
8.  Cameras
9.  Free repair on cameras!
10.  Cuddling during Timmy Time
11.  The start of Benjamin working!
12.  Unexpected visit from Janae
13.  Quiet evenings
14.  Being appreciated at the office
15.  Nightly food rubs
16.  The Ballcano
17.  Rain
18.  The power of prayer
19.  Time to watch Benjamin play pool with his Grandpa
20.  Bath time with Winston
21.  The first smile from Winston when I pick him up from daycare
22.  My Mom
23.  Having Fridays off
24.  My boss' sense of humor
25.  The sunflowers on my drive home
26.  The zoo!
27.  Tiny fingerprints on mirrors
28.  When Lulu curls up beside me in the evenings
29.  God's faithfulness
30.  The discovery of Chick-fil-a's grilled chicken sandwich
31.  The quick progress being made on the house!

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