Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Watermelon Craft

Winston is growing like a weed!  I just love how tiny his little hands and fingers are.  With a good number of our family living out of town, we enjoy sending personalized cards with photos of Winston over the previous months.  

Since it's summer time, we decided to go with a watermelon theme!  Using our Silhouette, we cut out the shapes that we would need to make the perfect slice of watermelon.  Next, we got the ink all ready for Winston's little fingers.  At the beginning he was not as thrilled as I thought he would be...however after the first five or six, he got into the groove and routine!
The watermelon needed a little pizazz to make it pop, so w headed to Hobby Lobby and found a background.  It was a toss up between the wood or the grass.  We were pleased with the turn out!
After gluing the watermelon pieces onto the background onto the card, I then took puff paint and wrote phrases like "Hooray for Summer!" and "Hip Hooray for Summer!"

The cards were a big hit with family members and besides the fingerprinting, can be made in the amount of a nap time!  We used 5x7 cards and they fit nicely into a picture frame proving to be multi-purpose!

Note: Make sure that the ink you use is truly washable ink... We had to scrub little baby's fingers with Goop for a good five minutes to remove all signs of black ink!

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