Monday, September 23, 2013

Pearland Pipe Yard Photos

For two years, almost daily, we've driven by the Texas Pipe & Supply yard.  It's the expanse of miles of pipe decorated with sculptures on 288 South.
That's right, this place.
And for two years, we have said over and over, "We should stop and take photos there!"  We even put it on our bucket list!  Days, weeks, months and years go by - no pictures.  Until last weekend!  We loaded up Baby on our last day about Pearland as a family and headed down to snap some shots.  I've loaded a few of my favorites to share.
His shirt don't lie!
If you ever head down 288 South, take a few minutes, pull over and have a little fun posing next to the oversized armadillo!

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  1. Talk about an adorable post and what a fun little day activity and picture photo opt. I know I've said it before but I love Mr. Winston's smile. It is such a perfect combination of you both:) This is surely a sweet post!


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