Tuesday, September 24, 2013

OOTD: Red, Black and Olivia the Ostrich

This is my first outfit of the day post!  I figure try it once, see how it goes and if it's a good fit do it again!

Today's outfit was picked specifically around the cute ostrich in rain boots necklace.  I've had this necklace for quite a while and smile every time I wear it!  Olivia is complete with rain boots, a hair cover and two hovering clouds with rain droplets.  When I got up to let Lulu out this morning it was drizzling and I thought "Olivia!"  {Yes, I give names to inanimate objects!  ...You know you do it!}  However, it ended up being a beautiful blue skies, hot Houston day.   Ah well.

This skirt is super comfy and a really great shade of red!  It was a total impulse purchase from Windsor.com and I'm glad I got it!  The grey sweater again, a favorite that goes well with so many things.  And it's a good weight for fall time in Houston.  
Shirt: Target | Sweater: {Archive} Anthropologie | Skirt: Windsor | Necklace: {Archive} Anthropologie, but found here.

And just because...
I love his sweet "I just woke up from a good sleep" face.  Actually, come to think about it, I just love all of his sweet faces!

Hopefully this post gave you some inspiration for your next outfit!  Wishing you a Happy Day!

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