Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lulu is Six!

Our little Lulu has made it to her sixth birthday and we are totally stoked!  Benjamin and I still refer to her as our first kiddo and she has done a fantastic job loving Winston.  
This year has been a different and trying year for our girl.  Last summer Lulu lost most functionality of her back legs and had back surgery to remove a herniated disk in her back.  It was a scary time for our family.
We decided that if there was even the slightest chance she could have a full recovery, we would opt for the surgery.  Our vet staff at True Companion along with the surgical team at North Houston Veterinary Specialists were amazing to us.  They outlined our options, told us the outcomes and were extremely sensitive in delivering the news understanding that she was more than just a dog.  After a week away from us, we were able to bring her home on July 4th!
It was a long road to recovery.  She had to stay in a kennel during the day.  We had to retrain her not to jump on the couch that she so loved to lounge on.  And the most devastating thing for her was that she was not able to swim during prime swimming months.  We were thankful, more ever than before, that we still had our girl!

Lulu has full mobility of her legs using them to swim in the pool, chase rabbits, squirrels and Winston!  However depending on the day {and weather!} they can be quite weak.  We have all had to learn to carry her up and down the stairs, ban her from jumping onto the couch and minimize her outside water play time.  You know how this girl loves her water time!
She is always right in the middle of any good water play and Winston has learned that she loves it as much {or more!} as he does.  
It has been precious to watch their relationship develop.  While we are out for the day, Lulu sleeps in a bed in the study and as soon as we walk into the house Winston is at her bed saying, "Hi Luli!" giving her hugs and kisses.  He has learned that she has a tail and that he does not.  He gently rubs her ears and will pat her head casually as they watch TV together.  He also has learned that she loves treats and is always eager to give her one... or two... or three!
Bubbles are a fascination at our house, not only with Winston but with Lulu too.  This girl will go nuts over the translucent circles floating in the air charging after them to bite them before they disappear!   
Like anyone who goes through a major surgery, our girl Lulu has her good days and her bad ones.  Since her surgery last summer, we have had one major scare of a relapse...on a entirely different disk.  We have found that laser treatments help Lulu tremendously and they have been a saving grace for her and us.  It's amazing how quickly they help her bounce back to her normal self.    
She is our sweet fur baby.  A fierce protector of those she loves.  A carefree spirit.  A lover of any water activity before her.  She appreciates a good fire, a lap and a warm blanket.  She is always ready to give kisses and never lets you forget when its dinner time.  She is our sweet Lu girl and we are thankful every day that she is part of our lives.  She lives each day full out and crashes hard each night, resting up to tackle the next day.
We love you Lu girl!  Happy Birthday!

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