Saturday, November 8, 2014

Winston's First Wedding

Since getting back into the routine of blogging is about starting somewhere, I've decided to start.  And I'm going to do so with Winston's first wedding experience!  

One of ladies in Benjamin's office got married the first weekend in November.  She was sweet enough to invite Winston to attend as well.  We prepped him by telling him we were going to a party where there would be dancing and cake.  I asked him what else he thought there would be at the party and he quickly answered, "Cheese."  Benjamin had already scoped out which tie Winston should wear and our ensembles came together quite nicely.  Cause really, going to a wedding is a great opportunity to get dressed up for a good family photo!
The ties are from J. Crew from a few years ago.  They have tiny dachshunds on them!  Winston's bow tie is actually a full sized tie transformed into the perfect sized him tie!
The wedding was held at Amber Springs and it was an honor to be a witness to Sandra and Bryan's special day.  The weather was perfect for an outside ceremony.  The food was tasty and just as Winston had suspected, there was cheese!
Our little guy has such a funny little sense of humor and is totally animated!  He did a very good job at sitting quietly through the ceremony... until about the last five minutes when he got his lookers out and wanted to go look for rabbits!  
Little Buddy's name was even listed on the seating chart!  

Because Winston did a great job at the wedding...
Because we left before cake...
Because it was the night of Daylight Savings... 
Because I had a hankering' for some World Class Chocolate...
we stopped at Baskin Robins for a treat!  Winston chose a sprinkled cone and chocolate ice cream for his fabulous treat!  We were pretty sure that hyping him up on sugar, wearing him out and keeping him up later than normal would guarantee that he would sleep in the next morning...

We were wrong.  Oh well.  At least we had a good time trying!  

Winston's Outfit: shirt, coat {similar}, pants {similar}, hat

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