Wednesday, October 29, 2014

DIY Dinosaur Hat Rack

As you may or may not already know, Winston truly loves to wear hats!  It was something we started when he was first newborn.  He enjoys wearing them while we are around town and to school.  His hat collection has been taking over the closet floor for some time now.  And since we are trying to teach him to put away his shoes and hats, it was decided he needed a designated area for his fancy headwear!    

Knowing that we wanted dinosaurs, we ordered a set of Mini Dinosaurs from Amazon.
Using poplar strips that were 1" tall by 1/2" thick, Benjamin sawed them down into 3 feet sections.  Then he choose a to paint them green using spray paint we already on hand.  While the sticks were drying, he sawed 16 of the dinosaurs in half using a band saw.  
After the boards were dry,  Benjamin drilled a pilot hole into the wood using a 1/8" drill bit as well as partially into the half of the dinosaur that would be hanging from them board.  Using a 1" size 6 wood screw, he attached the dinos to the boards.
We then took them to the closet, did a rough measure of the distance by holding up one hat to make sure there was enough space between the two rows and screwed them into the wall.
Buddy loved seeing the dinosaurs asking what each of them were while taking hats on and off the rack!  It has been a fabulous addition to his closet.  Speaking of which...I think we need to add a new row as all of the dinos are currently occupied!!

Total Cost of Project: Less than $25!!

You will need:
Poplar Wood Strips

Tools Needed:
Screw gun

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