Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Best {Water} Buddies

The weather this week in Houston has been quite spring-like.  We have shed our heavy jackets and traded them in for spending time outside in the sun!  After playing with the sand table Winston meandered over to the water table which was void of water and full of leaves and dirt.  We hauled it over to the hose and gave it a good rinse down.  Lulu was ecstatic that the water was flowing and chased the streams like a wild thing!  The water was chilly but it did not stop these two buddies from having a good time {read getting absolutely soaked!}
On this particular day the pirates were on a boat that had a crash where they fell into the water and had to float to dry land.  I just love listening to the stories that he concocts and the gusto with which he acts everything out.  Lulu was just too happy to be right beside him the entire time.  
She is his buddy and he is hers.  He loves to give her treats when we leave the house, making sure that he gives her a pet and that she is tucked in.  He runs to her bed when we come back exclaiming, "Hi Luli! We're home!"  He cheers for her when she poops outside and loves when she chases him and the ball around the yard.  
She is fiercely protective and sweeter to him than I ever could have hoped.  She loves to cuddle up next to him and can usually be found curled up under a blanket by his feet while he watches his shows.  They both respect each others toys.  Winston drops Luli bits of breakfast, lunch and dinner to which I am sure has only increased her affection for him!  She gives him kisses and he giggles with delight.  
I am thankful for the relationship that they have.  Silly as it may seem to some, it has been an important one to me.  Lulu is a part of our family and Winston treats her as such.  Lulu was one of Winston's first words.  She has taught him how to be gentle with others, that we are soft with animals and that everyone needs a cuddle now and again.  I believe that she has helped us teach Winston to be mindful of others, to care for others.  She has helped us teach him how to share and how to set boundaries.  He frequently asks her how her day has been.  He calls her Girlie.  These lessons and this relationship is shaping his little heart to be sensitive and kind to others.  I thank God that Lulu has been around to love our little guy!
And if I know the two of them, they are more than ready for spring weather and pool time to be here so that they can continue their best buddy adventures!

Our Favorite Outside Toys


  1. So sweet! They're best buds :) We're waiting till we find a longer-term home, but I can't wait to get a dog or cat one day soon. I always grew up with animals, so I want the same for my sons.

  2. Looks like they are having a blast! I totally wish it was warm enough here in Ohio to break out the water games, heck even the short sleeves! Enjoy the sun and send some this way, please :)

  3. Wow how absolutely precious! Western PA is experiencing some bitter cold this time of year, so enjoy the sun for me!


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