Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday: 2.20

This week was the start of Lent and I have intentionally set aside time in my day to kneel at the feet of Jesus in preparation of Easter.  I have been a Christian for many years but this is the first year to actively participate in Lent.  Do you participating in Lent?

My buddy and I eat froyo once a week.  When Winston started school last fall he was pretty well potty trained.  Froyo was one of our ways to celebrate an accident free day at school.  And then it just turned into our Tuesday thing.  I walk into his class, get a very big hug and the next thing I know I have two small hands on my cheeks and his sweet little voice whispers, "Froyo Mommy?"  Of course!  We have gone so often he now gives me directions from the school parking lot.  Winston takes his frozen yogurt with strawberries, sprinkles, M&M's and gummy bears!  Normally we have the place to ourselves.  We talk about what he did at school that day and what he learned.  I am thankful for our froyo dates and wish them to never end!

This is the swimsuit I used all of last summer and I loved it!  It washed well and wore well too.  It was a great style for swimming with a little person who was learning his way around the water!  It is from Kingdom and State.  Have you heard of them?
I can't quite remember how I came to find out about them I am just glad that I did!  I ordered my second swimsuit from them this week and I am looking forward to receiving it in the mail!  

#gorillaart is taking over Houston in preparation for the arrival of seven gorillas in May!

We really had another decent week of weather.  It was a little on the chilly side but compared to what folks are experiencing up North, we had nothing to complain about!  Forecast is showing that we will have no sunny skies for the next five days as the rain and cold are coming back.  Thank goodness we got some outside play time in before winter says its final goodbye!

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