Thursday, March 26, 2015

Videos Around the Webs

I came across both of these videos this week.  They both made me smile and I thought since it's Thursday you might need a smile too!

Tom Hanks and James Cordon: Carrer in 8 minutes
Have you seen this delightful video of Tom Hanks and James Cordon acting out scenes from Tom Hanks' movies?  I just love Tom Hanks!

Dancing in the Movies Mashup
Firstly, I can't help but tap my feet, do a shoulder shimmy, and bop my entire body to the beat of Walk the Moon's Shut Up and Dance.  Secondly, this makes me want to hole myself up in my house and watch all of my dancing, romcom movies for days in a row because it makes me so happy!

Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are
I first heard about this on Grey's Anatomy.  Dr. Amelia Shepard is about to take on a crazy surgery and she references this TED talk on power posing.  I found the talk, listened to it and found myself nodding and agreeing with her on numerous things.  I found myself thinking of meetings I had been in, co-workers I have had and even my own bosses.  I am a believer in the thought that how you think can affect your body so why not the other way around?!  Makes sense to me!  This talk was intriguing to my nerdy social sciences self and I just had to share it!  

What have you seen lately that made you laugh, get your groove on or give you something to think about?

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  1. LOVE! Especially the dancing video. Just makes me so happy!! A lot of my favorite movies are in that video, too.


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