Friday, March 25, 2016

Five Things on Friday: 3.25.16

All I wanted was one cute picture...

Truman was uncomfortable. Bless.
I guess I would be to if someone just laid me in a basket filled with weird plastic grass.
A bug landed on Winston.  
Not even a scary bug, just a gnat.  But it landed on him none the less.
And of course instead of jumping to the aid of my sweet ones, I snapped a few photos and tried to hide a smile while I consoled them.  
{You know you do it too!}
 Here's my littlest bunny!
 ...And then finally, we got one!
One is all we need to make this mama happy! 
Any one else torture their kids this way?

Today is Good Friday.
And here are five things that I love about Easter:

Coloring and decorating eggs.  
This is one of my all time favorite traditions!  We did it every year as a family growing up and now, we do it with our kids.  I love the act of being creative together!

Hiding Easter eggs.
Last year Winston really go into finding Easter eggs and it was so much fun.  This year he is super pumped about finding eggs and it's pretty much all he talks about when you mention Easter.  I have found that there is so much joy in being a parent because it's doing little things like hiding plastic eggs that delight and enthrall the little that I love so dearly!

Easter outfits.
Who doesn't love a good Easter ensemble?

Easter Sunday Service.
I have been to a few sunrise services.  I have been to a Maunday Thursday service.  However there is nothing like an Easter Sunday service.  The excitement, the joy.  The celebrating and rejoicing!  

The continuation of the Greatest Story.
It all started with the birth of a baby in a manger.  Thirty three years later, nailed to a cross he declares "It is finished!", yet it is hardly the end of the story.  Three days later he raises from the dead!  The sacrifice of his perfect life and the conquering of death always boggles my mind and stirs my heart.  Because of His actions, I am extended the free gift of Salvation.   Do I deserve it?  No.  But then again none of us do.  His love, grace and mercy are poured out so that I may live a life that is free and full of joy!  He is the one who formed me, loved me so much to die for me, and leads me day by day.  I believe that my Lord reigns!  

My hope is that you know the true meaning of Easter and are able to rejoice knowing that truly He lives!

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