Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Chicago, The Windy City

My sweet husband surprised me with a trip to Chicago for my birthday this year!  It was less than 72 hours away but it was splendid!
Benjamin had been before with his college roommate.  They drove from Waco straight, stayed in a hostel and did manly things like see Spamalot, Blue Man Group and Spelling Bee before heading back home.  Thankfully he did stepped it up a bit in the lodging department!
He had planned our first day and left our second day open for whatever I would like to do.  He kept dropping hints as to what our evening plans were and in the airport, as we were waiting for our flight that ended up being three hours late {thanks American}, I guessed that we were going to see the Blue Man Group!  Due to the delay in our plane, we missed the show that we had tickets for but the house manager was able to get us two tickets not far from where our original ones were for the eight o'clock showing.  This girl was as happy as a lark!  I just love the Blue Man Group shows.  They are inventive, artistic, funny and clean entertainment!
To wrap up the night, we ordered extra crispy fries with a Coke.  Why does Coke from a glass bottle always taste so delicious?!  My favorite feature of our room was the fireplace.  We had it lit both nights and in the mornings while we sat talking about whatever we wanted to!  

The remainder of our time was spent enjoying the food and sights that Chicago has to offer!

What We Ate
Y'all.  I totally want a Stan's to open down the street from me.  I had a Nutella + banana donut that delighted my tastebuds and Benjamin's Old Fashioned was what Old Fashioned dreams are made of!  We also split a Dreamsicle donut that I venture to say is the best type of Dreamsicle because it would never melt!  :)

At the suggestion of Jessica, we hit up Giordano's.  When we arrived there was a one hour wait for the pizza {what?!} so we placed our order with the hostess.  The timing actually worked out perfectly because we were seated, ate a salad and then voila!  Pizza!  I'm going to come out and say that I am not a deep dish fan.  Like not in the slightest.  I love a crispy thin crust pizza.  So I was a little doubtful that I would like what was set before us.  And man oh man was I wrong!  It was delicious!!  

Where We Went
Of course we went and saw Cloud Gate, or the Bean as it is known on the streets.  :)  It was cool to see it in person and take in the Chicago skyline as well.
We also hit up the Chicago Art Institute.  There was a Picasso exhibit showing and Benjamin wanted to see American Gothic and A Sunday Afternoon.  Plus I love walking around huge museums filled with all kinds of things labeled as art.  I like how I have developed a taste for who I am drawn to and love to seek out.  {10 points goes to who knows the artist of the 4 below!}  While there is quite a bit of it that isn't my cup of tea {I'm looking at you Degas}, I can appreciate the skill and time it took to create such masterpieces. 
And lastly we meandered up and down The Magnificent Mile popping in and out of stores as we saw things that would catch our eye {or as we needed to avoid the rain!}.  It would be interesting to know if most of the people shopping there were tourists or Chicago residents...  We came across an eyeglass store and ended up purchasing sets for both of us!  #ireallyNEEDEDanotherpair  #glitterenoughsaid

On the morning that we left, fluffy snowflakes floated down from the sky.  I'm kinda of like Loreli Gilmore in that I love the magic of snow.  It was the perfect way to wrap up our adventure together!

To find out more about how we renew our marriage, pop over and read what I have to say in the Behind the Door Marriage Series hosted by Chelsea.  I'd love to know your thoughts!


  1. What a fun trip! I've never been to Chicago. It looks like you guys packed a lot into your trip. I love your little IG bag!

  2. You are speaking my language girl! I love Chicago and go every March for a long girls weekend. It's a great city! Looks like you two had a great time. :)


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