Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What's On Your...Nightstand!

Hello friends!  I have been so excited about this link up and I hope that you enjoy reading and joining along with us!

This month's theme is:
What's On Your...Nightstand!  
This is my nightstand in all of it's glory!  Our bedroom seems to be the last room in our house to get any love.  We purchased these nightstands because we needed something to put our lights on.  The other stands we had went into the spare room.  My hope is to someday replace them with slightly larger ones because the real estate on the top is quite snug!  
My alarm clock and a cup of water are to constants on by my bed.  I love this alarm clock because you can set two different alarms guaranteeing that I won't snooze too late on the days when we need to be up and running!  {Side story: In college, my alarm clock sound was a techno drum beat.  There was one long weekend that I went home and forgot to turn it off much to my room mate's dismay!  When we all moved out, she asked for my alarm clock and then proceeded to go all Office Space on it!  May it rest in pieces.}
Always glasses and some sort of evidence that Winston has been around also grace the top of my nightstand.  I also have a little dish to put hold my earrings and jewelry from the day.  

Pretty simple!  Nothing too fancy.  And to be honest, what is on the top of it changes from day to day as things get cleaned off and new treasures show up!  Also, if anyone has tips for how to keep a lampshade on straight, please share!!  

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  1. This is so much fun. I definitely need to link up. Tomorrow too late? To add more real estate you could paint a board and attach it to the top. Or you could find a colorful tray and attach it. That may give more space.

  2. Haha! All my lampshades are crooked too! When we move I plan on going Office Space on those too ;)

  3. I keep seeing this book! I need to look into it more!

  4. Our bedroom is the last to get love too! I guess it’s because really only Nate and I see it. Ha. What’s on top of my nightstand changes day to day also!

  5. How long is this linkup open? I may join in tomorrow if it's not to late. Also, can't wait for the Summer bucketlist one!!

    1. Since I'm part of the link-up and on Sara's page I figured I'd go ahead and answer your question! :)

      The link-up lasts until the 26th so yay, you still have time!

  6. Sara! Love your nightstand; it has so much character! Will tell me more about that book please? Thanks love!

  7. The last two comments were from Chelsea McKinney. Long story short, I'm an idiot but you're welcome for all the comments on your page! hahaha


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