Thursday, July 14, 2016

Favorite Things Blogger Exchange

Today I am joining in the Secrets of a Stay at Home Mom and Seeing All Sides with the Favorite Things Blogger Exchange.  I was so excited when I saw this exchange and knew exactly what I was going to send to my partners.  Plus, who doesn't love receiving happy mail?  I received two different names and was pumped that they both had kids....because I sent two things to my partners: Bunch o' Balloons and a Sephora Face Mask!  

Y'all.  I think I love these Bunch o' Balloons just as much or even more than Winston!  They are super easy to fill up, they are an awesome quick activity for outside, and who doesn't love to throw a water balloon around?  Everyone.  Everyone I know loves to throw a good water balloon!  I have bought them in bulk this summer.  So much so that they pick up lady at Wal-Mart doesn't even as for ID anymore!  #imighthaveanaddiction You can find them on Amazon, at Target and at Walmart.  They are cheaper in stores vs. Amazon by almost $2.00.  
A tip for filling the balloons: Hook the attachment to your hose and then hold the balloons so that they are touching the bottom of a bucket or container.  This will allow the balloons to fill up with more water, making them heavier and easier to pop with more of an explosion! 
They are just SO MUCH FUN!

The Sephora Face Mask is the perfect compliment to this activity because it wears a mama out.  Using this mask revitalizes your face, is super easy to use and it guarantees that you get at least 20 minutes of relaxation time to yourself!  I normally lay on the floor in my closet, play some spa music from Pandora {I'm looking at you Enya!}, close my eyes and ponder on the events from the day!

What I Received
I received this awesome care package from Sarah and I love all three things!  The lip gloss is so soft and smooth!  The Trident layers is packed in my carryon bag as I type this for the trip we are taking and this smudge brush is amazing!
My second package was from Crystal and man, who doesn't love a gift card to Amazon!  I agree that Amazon makes the top of the list as one of my favorite things too!!

Thank you ladies for hosting such a fun swap!!  


  1. Bunch o' Balloons are awesome! My friend told me they are selling them in bulk at Costco. I just might have to stock up on some more!

  2. Clearly, with two boys (and another on the way), I NEED these water balloons in my life ASAP! I have seen them in stores and thought it would be a nice way to fill a bunch of balloons at once, but self-sealing, too?! Genius. Thanks for sharing this amazing invention and most of all, thanks for participating!

  3. I have been wanting those balloons for a while now and need to jump on that train. We may need to buy some while at my parent's house. Looks like a blast. So glad you enjoyed the exchange and were able to participate.

  4. Those water balloons are the BEST! Great choice!!! :)


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