Saturday, March 31, 2018


This year I celebrate having lived 35 years on this earth.  I'm not sure if I have ever given much thought as to what life would be like for me at this age but I have to say that as I reflect on my life, I'm overwhelmingly thankful.  I have a beautiful family, a home full of comforts where we make memories and learn together, live in a place that affords us great opportunities, friendships, and places to eat {because, hello - it's a blessing to not to have to cook every meal! 😜}, and most importantly a relationship with the One who is the source of my joy and worth.  

The boys are both growing up and becoming more independent.  Because of this, I find myself being full of mixed emotions.  I am sad because they are no longer dependent on me minute by minute but excited because it is such a joy to have a front row seat to their growth!  Winston will be in kindergarten next year and Truman has been signed up to attend his school for three days.  This will open my schedule quite a bit.  And while I hope to continue to be involved with the kids' schools, I'm also excited about the possibilities that it holds!
And so in part because of that, and in part because I think its good for me to have goals or I might become a permanent lump fixture in the middle of my bed glassy eyed from a Netflix binge, I have written out 35 things that I'd like to accomplish in the next year.  

  1. Complete a year in my prayer journal
  2. Memorize a passage of Scripture each month {with kids too!}
  3. Write cards to friends and family
  4. Read two books a month
  5. Drink two tumblers full of water each day
  6. Write once a week
  7. Take a cooking class
  8. Host people in our home at least once a month
  9. Organize a prayer walk
  10. Take a workout class 
  11. Wash my face more
  12. Organize the kids school things
  13. Clean out 
  14. Read the Bible cover to cover in The Message
  15. Go on bike rides
  16. Block out phone free times in the day
  17. Pray for our kids and marriage more
  18. Take more pictures and videos with DSLR
  19. Start and complete one of the many art projects I have accumulated
  20. Dance more
  21. Make more jelly
  22. Play and create with my kids more
  23. Go out to lunch or coffee at least once a month
  24. Try a new recipe each month
  25. Try two new local places
  26. Go see a musical
  27. Scan and organize old photos
  28. Travel to a new place
  29. Print and hang updated photos in our home
  30. Wear dresses more often
  31. Volunteer 
  32. Go to the movies
  33. Change my chalkboard each month
  34. Nurture relationships
  35. Design a T-shirt
This year is going to be a great year, I can just feel it in these bones of mine!  Deep breaths and here we go!  

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