Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Strawberry Picking at Froberg's!

There are maybe two or three weeks in Houston each Spring that are perfect for being outside, where the sun is shining but it's not too hot, a breeze is blowing but it's not too cold.  When these weeks happen, I aim to take full advantage of being outside with the buds.

One activity that we all enjoy doing together is strawberry picking!  I have memories of helping my grandparents pick fruit and vegetables from their garden when we would be home for the summers.  Since I don't have a green thumb {God bless Vera my Aloe plant who is hanging with me!}, finding pick your own places around town takes me back to those days and allows the kids to experience the joy of reaping a harvest!  Strawberry picking is fun for all ages and at the end you leave with a bucket full of delicious goodies.
The boys and I, along with my Mom, ventured down to Froberg's Farm in Alvin.  They have a store full of homegrown vegetables, a bakery with the softest cookies, they sell barbecue and tamales.  After parking, everyone must walk through the store.  Here the buckets are purchased for $1.25 {you can bring them back year after year!} and tokens are 12 for $15.  Tokens are used for duck races, cannon shooting, and tractor rides!  You pay for the strawberries that you picked as you leave the store.  They are $3 a pound.    
Truman loved picking strawberries!  He was very diligent to show me every.single.strawberry he walked by! 😂  He was also a professional at telling me what color each berry was and proudly filled his bucket with the bright red ones!
After picking, we ventured over to the section of the field containing the games.  The boys both enjoyed the duck races {1 token each} and the tractor ride {3 tokens each}.  Winston loved the corn shooter!  For this time of the year instead of corn, tennis balls get shot out of the cannon.  This was 3 tokens for 3 tennis balls.

We had a fabulous time and left with three buckets full of scrumptious berries!  To ensure that we put them to good use, I made my first batch of homemade strawberry jelly and let's be honest, I was surprised at how tasty it turned out!  😂

Tips for Visiting Froberg's
  • Check the website for availability.  Each day Froberg's website will let you know if they are open, listing the hours and availability of the berries.  
  • Take cash.  While they can take credit card payments, cash is an easier form of payment for buckets and tokens.  
  • Take along water.  It's easy to work up a thirst with all the picking you + your family will do!
  • Go early.  We arrived at about 10:15 and there was still open parking spots.  We weren't overrun with other families.  We enjoyed a leisurely time picking and the activities as well.  
  • Try the cookies!  Both of the buds were a little snacky and the cookies were deeeelicious!
  • Bring a wagon.  If you have multiple littles or plan on picking bushels and bushels of berries, I would suggest bringing a wagon along to help with the aid of transporting everything to and from the fields.  Strollers are another great option too!
  • There are bathrooms inside the store.

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