Saturday, January 5, 2019

Magical Winter Lights

An add on my Instagram feed caught my eye one evening when I was scrolling.  It was for the Magical Winter Lights.  I clicked the link and within seconds of being on the site knew that it was something festive that our family would enjoy.  I showed it to Benjamin and we made a plan to make the drive to La Marque after Winston's last day of school for Christmas break.    

We left our side of town at 5 PM and made a stop at IHOP on the south side of Houston for some grub.  Our family loves a good dinner of breakfast foods!  By the time we arrived at the Gulf Greyhound Park, it was completely dark outside and perfect for looking that the lights!  

We brought along our trusty wagon decked out in lights and a fluffy blanket.  The boys, armed with a map, directed which way we were to go.
The lights were all spread out with lots of room to walk around.  There was a causeway with carnival games and rides {that we did not do} and quite a few places selling fair type food.  We made a stop for hot chocolate for me and Winston and Icee's πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚for Benjamin and Truman!
Dinosaurworld was a big hit with our crew.  The dinos moved and roared as we walked the pathways.  
Yes, Benjamin is wearing a Grave Digger sweater.  He is just that awesome!  {And it was tacky Christmas sweater day at the office!}  He picked out and purchased this sweater on his own and the boys love it!
Since we went on a weeknight when most of the schools around town had not get released for Christmas, the event was not overcrowded.  
The boys both enjoyed hopping and jumping around on the elevated lighted floor.  The blocks would change color as you walked across them.  While they were making beautiful colors with their feet, there was plenty to look at with the Houston skyline right beside us.  
We had a great time being together and experiencing something new together!  The Magical Winter Lights is something to see if you're near to that area or want to plan a fun night excursion.  It's not something we will visit every year - kinda one and done as I'm not sure how much they could change up the exhibits.  

Pro Tips:
  • Check on Groupon for ticketing deals before you go!
  • There are only port-a-potties at this site.  Do not dress your children in cute, fuzzy onesies.  Take my word on that one.  πŸ˜‚
  • Strollers and wagons are allowed.  There are wire covers {the ones that look like little speed bumps} all over the ground to help maneuver safely through the exhibit.
  • The Magical Winter Lights normally opens a few weeks before Christmas and ends the first weekend of January.

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  1. Thanks for the tip - this looks so fun. I'll have to look into it for next year!


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