Friday, May 17, 2019

Friday Favorites

Can you believe it's the middle of May?  #denial  I just can't even with this year.  Where has it gone?!

Sunday we made it home from a weekend with family to have some snuggle time with our favorite little puppy and celebrate Mother's Day!
 I unexpectedly got to see my Mama!  It's such a privilege to live so close to her.  Quick trips to get a hug and hello are awesome.  #gotitfrommymama
On Monday, Benjamin and the buddies were outside after dinner.  I was called out for a grand event: the removal of Winston's training wheels from his bike.  😳😭  Benjamin took them off and without any hesitation WINSTON RODE HIS BIKE WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS!  I was super proud and super emotional all at once.  When did we give him permission to grow up?!  This moment was one of Winston's favorite moments of the week!
 At the office this week we got in our Owlberts for our favorite summer patient contest.  He decided to take a dive into our peanut butter and jelly jar collection box!  😂
 On Wednesday Truman decided to wear his favorite hat "like a DJ" and said we were going to Panera Bread because we both liked tomato soup and grilled cheese!  
 This week was the last MOPs meeting of our inaugural year at The Woodlands First.  Being a part of the MOPS leadership team has been one of my favorite responsibilities this year.  We ended with a good time of conversation, Minute to Win it games and good belly laughs.  💜 I am looking forward to the next year!
 We have officially made it to Friday and it's my favorite day of the week!  Winston was excited today because they were allowed to bring a stuffed animal from home to class.  He picked Seymour the Dolphin from our Sea World adventure last weekend.  It's my favorite that he buckled Seymour in!  😂 #safetyfirst
My favorite package this week was my Color Street starter kit!  I have so much fun with this product and at the encouragement of my Mom, decided to become a Stylist with them.
You can check them out here, read more about why I think they're so fun here and if you'd like to try them, leave me a comment in below and I'll send you one of the tester sets!  

We're entering into the last two weeks of school as I am sure most of those in the US are!  I get more and more excited as we get closer to summer break; it truly is my favorite when school wraps up and summer starts!

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  1. OMG!!! Not only do you have the cutest family in the whole world, but I am in love with your haircut. It looks so darling!! Have a great weekend with those little cuties of yours!!

  2. Wear my hat like a DJ... that's awesome!! Congrats to W for riding his bike like a big kid. We haven't hit that milestone yet, but I'm sure it'll make me teary eyed. Congrats on your new Colorstreet adventure. They're fun! What a fun week :)


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