Thursday, May 16, 2019

Strippin' with Sara

Have I got your attention?  😂

When I was in high school I would coordinate my finger nail polish to match my outfits.  There were many a morning I remember sitting at our dining room table changing out a color or adding a second color on top of another one before my ride arrived.  I would do diagonals, colored lines, and even plaid!

I like having my nails painted but would rather spend the time and money getting a longer pedicure for my tootsies than getting a manicure.  #loveafootrub  And when I do my nails at home I tend to do them before bed and even then wake up with sheet creases on my polish!

Then I was introduced to Color Street and was in heaven!  A strip of nail polish that contains a base coat, a color coat and a top coat that you easily apply and within 10 mins have great looking nails, yes please!  Stays up to two weeks and is easily removed with finger nail polish remover.

My mom is a big fan of them too and after talking with her I decided it could be could be fun to share their fabulousness with others!  So I have signed up to be a Stylist with Color Street!

I'd love it if you'd check them out, do some shopping, join me on Facebook, send me any questions you may have, and watch this space for updates on products & specials.  Another reason that I am a big fan of this company is that they release new designs with every holiday and season so there's always something new to jazz up your nails with!

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