Friday, January 7, 2022

Friday Favorites: 1.7.2022

The first week of 2022 is coming to a close.  Fifty one weeks remain and out of that 352 days until Christmas! 😂
We spent a few hours of the last night of 2021 saying goodbye by the lights and sounds of an evening at Dave & Busters!

Truman and I made a third batch of our most favorite homemade Chex Mix.  It is seriously so addicting.  It's not unusual to find the three of us {Winston, Truman and I} sitting around with our hands in the bowl!

My brother had made a request for his favorite NoBake Cookies on Christmas Eve.  These cookies are by far my favorite ones to make and I was happy to make a double batch!  I whipped them up on New Year's Day as he and his family came over for dinner.

After dinner these cousins did one of their favorite things: lit fireworks and played with sparklers!

The weather had a significant temperature drop over Saturday night.  We stayed home on Sunday and opted to catch up on a previous sermon. 

We spent a good portion of the day playing one of our new favorite games: Bingo!  I received this awesome set for Christmas.  It has been so fun to play together.  The boys enjoy taking turns being the caller.  Benjamin and I enjoy seeing how many Bingo cards we can manage at a time! 😂

Mohawk Truman is one of my favorite Trumans. 😂
This glow in the dark Monster Truck racing set is one of his favorites from Christmas!

One of our favorite humans opened an Etsy store over the holidays.  The boys picked out rainbow keychains and we attached them to their backpacks.  I pray that they serve as a reminder that God's promises are true and what He says, He will do.

These two faces are my favorite.  They started back to school on Wednesday and I missed them like crazy.  I love that Winston wore blue light blocking glasses all day and Truman's mohawk stayed high all day.  Getting to hear their sweet voices recap their day back made up for them not being around.

And for me, I started this year curled up with a cup of coffee and a good book.  This advanced reader copy of The Littlest Library by Poppy Alexander was a cozy read to start with it.  

Here's to ending the first week of 2022 well and sliding into the weekend!

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