Monday, January 3, 2022

Hello 2022!

A poem for the New Year:
Twenty twenty two coming through!
May we conquer the things we want to do, be faithful to God and love big too.
May our days be guided by His hand as we pray for our family, our friends and our land.
Let's get it done, let's have some fun and celebrate at year's end when it's all done!
We welcomed the in the new year with a lazy morning together.  The boys built Legos, had down time on their iPads and built forts while Benjamin and I enjoyed the slow morning.  In the afternoon Truman and I made our favorite Chex Mix.  I also made a double batch of my family famous NoBake Cookies.

My brother's family came over for an early dinner and lighting of fireworks!  The kids have a fun time when they get together and even though it's managing small balls of chaos with flames, the Dads have fun lighting explosives. 😂

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