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January 2022 Book Review

For January I saw that Molly's Reading Adventure was encouraging a NetGalley Read-a-thon to catch up and clear out the back log of advanced reader copies sitting in the Kindle.  Since I had quite a few, I decided to join in!  

I did not know what I had really signed up for when I requested The Mayfair Bookshop by Eliza Knight.  Personally, I tend to like any books about bookshops - there's something magical about a book shop and I think that You've Got Mail had something to do with that too. 😂  A few chapters in it hit me that this book is about a real-life person!  Nancy Mitford was one of the Mitford Sisters and Bright Young Things that fueled gossip pages in London in the pre-war time of fancy parties and over indulging.  Her story is fascinating, heartbreaking and encouraging.  She lived through the World Wars, had sisters who were in Hitler's inner circle; she wrote books, worked with refugees, ran a bookshop and wrote letters, lots and lots of letters.  After reading this book, I have put her novel The Pursuit of Love on my TBR list!  If you like a melding of history + fiction, this book is for you! 
This book will be released on April 12, 2022.  Pre-order here!

Dating Dr. Dil is a comical enemies to lovers with characters that you will adore and root for.  Kareena and Dr. Prem Verma took up residence in my heart.  They have opposing views of what love is and how to properly navigate the cultural pressures of arranged marriages.  I found myself googling phrases used, what traditional Indian garments looked liked and learning about a culture that I do not have a ton of first hand exposure to.  Nisha's writing is smart, funny and emotional.  I give it a 4.5 stars!  

Please note I would rate this book R for use of language and adult content. 

When we meet Jess in The Littlest Library  we learn that her beloved grandmother that she lived with has passed away and she lost her job at the library.  Her life prior to these two events happening was stable and predictable.  After exiting off of an impromptu drive up the motorway, she stumbles across an open house and encounters a very grumpy neighbour.  Impulsively she puts in an offer on the home and readies her house to be sold.  Upon hearing she is the new owner of a precious bungalow and decommissioned telephone box Jess makes the move to not only change her location but her future as well.  Poppy Alexander writes a beautiful story of a young lady who grows into her own skin with heart warming characters.  

There's a death on the street and Jessica cannot accept that it was an accidental death.  There were too many strange things going on leading up the night that Barbara died. Too many neighbors that had been on the receiving end of Barbara's wrath, who might have had it out for her.  Laura Wolfe has written a thriller full of twists and turns that hit you when you are least prepared for it!  If a suspenseful thriller rifled with neighborhood busybodies is your jam, add We Live Next Door to your list today!

I was hooked on the characters in Bend Toward the Sun from the get-go.  Jen Devon creates memorable characters with depth and humor who work through past hurts in a relatable and real way.  Rowan and Harrison are two of my favorite characters this year.  Yes, I know it's only the start of February but I read this book in December and I'm still thinking about them! 😂  I love a good book in where the guy falls before the girl does and that is the case for our friend Harrison.  I highly recommend putting this on your pre-order list!  Bend Toward the Sun comes out in August 2022.

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