Monday, February 7, 2011

Massive Gummi Bear Give-A-Way!

That's right, we Crazy Cozad's are doing a
massive gummi bear give-a-way.  
No, we aren't giving away massive amounts of gummi bears.  We are actually giving away a MASSIVE gummi bear!

I was browsing through Fred Flare, came across this fabulousness, and thought we just had to do a give-a-way for it!  I mean, it's just too fun for words!
Look at that baby bear!  It's 5" tall by 1.75" of pure gummi goodness!  This little bear packs half a pound of  flavor with many to choose from: cherry, lemon, green apple, blue raspberry, grape, cola, pineapple, orange and pink bubblegum!

This gummi bear is just like the tiny bears, but bigger... 88 times bigger!!

Here's how you can enter... 
You will have two chances to win, so be sure to enter 2 separate comments

1. Follow my blog and leave a comment saying that you do!
You have to be a follower of our blog through Google Friend Connect or "like" us on facebook by clicking here.  You 
must be a follower of one of those two places in order to win!  Tell me where you follow!

2. Leave a comment stating what flavor you would want and why?

The give-a-way will end on Saturday, February 12th and the winner announced on Sunday, February 13th.


  1. That is seriously so much fun! I didn't know they came that size. WOW. I might be in candy heaven. Ha! Well I would probably say all seem pretty amazing but I would go with orange as orange is the best candy flavor for almost EVERYTHING! YAY!

  2. I follow you on facebook and through the link on our blog.

  3. Cherry...the red gummy bears have always been my favorite.

  4. I follow on Google Friend Connect and on Facebook.

  5. I would want the Blue Raspberry Gummy bear. These are too cute and just the right amount of whimsy--you always find the most fun things!

  6. Following on both!

    and I wantttt a green apple because it's different, like me and your blog :)

    love you cousin!

  7. FUN!! It would be hilarious to see Bryson trying to any of them, but I would probably say blue raspberry. Yum!!

  8. And, I follow your blog. I always thought I did, until I saw the little box that said "follow" instead of my picture. :)


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