Friday, April 1, 2011

Under the Big Top!

Last weekend we were on our way to meet our friends, the Blairs, for dinner when we passed a massive red tent in a field between two exits in Allen.  I caught a glimpse of a sign that said "Carson & Barnes Circus" which caused me to squeal with delight!  I immediately started googling the circus to find information on the show times.  The next available times were on Sunday.
And they had elephants.
Plans were made to go.

What up Carson & Barnes?!  Congrats on 75 years!
Tent that caught my eye....
Sam and Ben along for the adventure!  
Ready to go in and claim our seats!

After standing in the cold for the previous show to end, we went into the Big Top and claimed front row seats right by the entrance where all of the acts enter into the center ring.  Once we got as comfy as one can on bleachers, the vendors had started walking around selling everything from sodas to light up swards.  
Hubs bought me popcorn.  Clearly the boys were not as excited as I was....
The show started and lasted longer than two hours.
It was full of high flying tricks...
Daring feats of balance...
Weird, uncomfortable twists and turns...
and elephants!
Even though it was freezing cold, the entire experience of sitting ring side at a traveling circus was magical! 


  1. Looks like so much fun! I didn't even realize these were still around. and such good timing to get in the circus frenzy with Water for Elephants hiting the big screen in 20 days!

  2. Sam was telling us about this at Bible Study. I know I have been to the circus before, but I have no memories of it. Next time the circus is in town, I think I'll be going. And I'll have a little boy to take with me, so it will be even more fun!!

  3. @Tammy: I love Water for Elephants! It was such an intriguing book! Are you gonna see the movie?

    @Katy: The Carson & Barnes circus comes every year to Allen - watch out for it next spring! Pearson will love it!


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