Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lilac is the color of Dentistry

I could bore you with what the ceremony speaker said or how we got lost in the parking garage trying to find our car.  Or how I had cried within 2 minutes of leaving our house heading to the Meyerson.  Or how I had shook my fist angrily at the car in front of us at the red light that was out because he wouldn't just go already.  Or how the professional photographer didn't show and so I tried to get photos of every name I knew from the second balcony.
Instead, I will tell you that I am super proud of my husband and all of his accomplishments over the past four years.
Proud of how he was accepted into OKU, ODONT, Dean's Honor List all 4 years, successfully managed patient care and had great relationships with his classmates and professors.  So much so that he won the Centennial Award at graduation and was giving a standing ovation by his classmates.
Proud of how he found time to do things he loved outside of school.  Like building furniture, doing projects and keeping up on technology.
Thankful that he kept God at the center of everything that he pursued professionally.  For our family.  Thankful that he passionately served our church and our class.
Amazed that he was able to do all of the above and endure, love all of the craziness that living with me brings.  Amazed that he supported me in my adventures making all of them enjoyable and memorable.
I will tell you that I am so blown away by God's goodness and provision.  God has truly blessed our 4 years of dental school.
And it's because of Him we are still smiling!


  1. You are so flippin cute. I love your outfit. I love your smile. Oh wait, this post was about Benjamin. Yes, so proud of him. So thankful he's finished and still smiling :)

  2. Ya'll are so cute! Congrats to Ben and good luck on your new adventure!

  3. Congratulations to you BOTH... To Ben for all the hard work and to you for being there for him! Behind every great man is an even better woman!!! HA HA

    We love and miss you both, but I look reading your posts!

    Bety & Dave

  4. Thanks for sharing Ben's special day with us! Congratulations to you both for not only surviving, but thriving over the past four years inspite all the madness of higher education!
    P.S. The pictures are amazing!

  5. So proud of Ben!! And you deserve a congrats too for being such a supportive wife!!


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