Monday, August 22, 2011

First Year Fiesta!

The new house was broken in last Thursday with it's inaugural Crazy Cozad's party.  We hosted what I lovingly call the First Year Fiesta!  There have been a few events that most of us have been able to attend but nothing yet for just the first year residents and their significant others.  Throwing a party for the entire class is a little easier than it was in dental school with there only being 7 of them!

Since I am able to be home still, I decided to try my hand at some extra touches for the party.  I made the poms and attached them to the light fixtures in the house.
I crafted a "Fiesta" sign using the font Taco Modern.  And yes, those are a maracas and a burro on each end of the sign.  Thanks to Google Images and a handy search for "Mexican coloring pages" I was able to put my mad coloring skills to use!  No party is complete without a vase full of mustaches, duh.  My now very famous with the ortho residency soapapilla cheesecake bars and festive take home bags.

I bet you're wondering what take home bags are for.  No, they are not for food.  They were to take home the surprises inside of this guy.
How could you even think that a fiesta would be a fiesta without a pinata?  Benjamin picked this one out of a plethora of choices on Amazon.  It was down to this and Justin Bieber.  Pedro the Shark won out because he had teeth.  When you are married to a dentist turning orthodontist, everything is about teeth.  Truth.
No matter what age you are, pinatas are fun!  Wielding a bat at a swinging object while being blindfolded never gets old.  Especially when you are spectating while others take a whack at connecting with the pinata for the hopes of showering it's contents in the grass!  All of the girls got to have a go at smacking the pinata as well as Juan and Peter who landed the fatal blow.  Afterwards, Casey showed off his awesome baseball skills.
We had a photo shoot with the mustaches that proved to be as equally entertaining as bludgeoning Pedro the Shark to bits.
Meet our mustached friends.  Clockwise:  You know us.  Shawna and Casey.  Tamara and Jason. Luke, Kala and Dexter.  Blake and Daniel.  Monica and Juan.  Leslie and Peter.  Here are the ones that are the first years in the UT program:
Classy group, right?  Well...maybe that's not the word that's coming to your mind, but at least they know how to have fun!  One scary thought is that all of seven of these people are bona fide doctors.  Makes you think about what your doctors do on a regular Thursday night...
The night ended in everyone having a go at Sambre de Amigo - our rockin' maraca shaking game for the Wii.  Again, it's as much fun watching the participants as it is participating!  
Thanks to the this group of 14 people, the Fiesta was a success!!  I will leave you with my favorite photo of the night...


  1. Thanks for posting this Sara! I might have to take a couple of these pics from your page, very cute :)

  2. This was such a super cute party idea and I love the mustaches! TOO CUTE:)

  3. So cute! I love how you put your fun, quirky stamp on everything! It looks like everyone had a blast. Just call you hostess with the mostess.


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