Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And he walks!

It's been brewing for the last few weeks.  Tiny foot movements here and there.  Shuffling of the feet as he danced around the furniture.  Grasping the pushy and moving it swiftly across the floor.  Then the day arrived.  Those first steps!  It has been amazing to see how each day he gets a little more steady and a little more brave moving from one stationary object to the next.  It won't be long now before walking is the only way he gets around!
First we check to see if Lulu is in her Safe Space...Nope, she was cuddling with Daddy!
Pulling up like a champ!
And we're off!
The look of determination!
Celebration upon arrival!!  He loves to celebrate!
And because it was so much fun, we did it again, and again and again!!
Just love his look of excited determination!
However, walking still wears us out and crawling is just as fun and can get us to where we want to go quicker!

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  1. Already?!? He's such a darling! Keep taking lots of pictures! :)


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