Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Workplace Wednesday {2}

Last week I started a mini-series on my work space.  In continuing with the series, we'll continue the tour around my desk!
From where we left off last week, a panorama of the next section. Not a dull spot allowed!
I love having two screens at work.  In a normal day I have multiple applications open and multiple files within each application so the more screen space I have to toggle from this to that is golden!  I was given a little flair aptly placed on the top right hand corner of my right hand screen that says "Woot!  Let's Dance!"  Not that I need a lot of encouragement to bust a move!
Below my screen lives a cast of unlikely friends!  My scary looking Norwegian gnome was given to me by a co-worker after a trip to...Norway.  Grimace is a blast from the past when McDonald's was doing their mini beanie baby characters.  My sweet Scottish Smurf, named Angus, has been with me for quite some time - another desk staple!  No desk is complete without a Hess bouncy ball and a PFSweb Superhero!
Moving to the right side of my desk, just a little something hanging to make people smile!...or maybe not if you are a grumpy cat.
A few more little trinkets: a sweet angel from a sweet angel, family while Winston was cooking, and my Oh, Henry.  Oh, Henry is one of my most treasured desk toys next to Sunshine Buddy.  I acquired Oh, Henry while working at Spirit.  You push his foot (the one with the worn mark) and record whatever you want to.  Then you press play and he transforms your voice into a gnome voice!!  He has provided countless good times with co-workers and has never failed to bring out a smile from even the most cantankerous person!

That's it for this section of my desk... until next week!

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