Friday, January 10, 2014

Project 52: Week 2014.01

A few years ago, and I do mean quite a few.... (2011 when I look back!) I took on what I called Project 52 due to my husband's wisdom of not wanting to get myself down if I didn't take a daily picture.  Now with the ease and quality of pictures on the iPhone, it's been recently that I have taken a picture almost daily - and I love it!  On the other hand, my computer memory and iPhoto library suffers from constant use!  

What I enjoyed about Project 52 is that is required me to be mindful and disciplined to take photos and then take time to highlight and be thankful for what had come to be in that past week.  And at the end of it all Benjamin made me a really neat book with all of my collages making a memorable souvenir if you will on what our life was like in 2011!  We already create a book for each year we're married, but the Project 52 book gave a completely different perspective - a more day to day perspective.  

With all of that prologue now complete, I am making one of my goals for this year Project 52 2014!  Some of the photos might be familiar to you if you follow me on instagram or if they are used in a post that I write up, so I will try to keep them fresh and new!  I am hopeful that I will be able to keep up with it and perhaps I can even get Benjamin to contribute a few photos!  
Happy New Year from the Crazy Cozads!  I made our traditional meal of pork, sour kraut, dumplings, mashed potatoes and carrot soufflĂ©.  The bottom left photo is how Lulu and Winston talk with each other when Winston has woken up from his naps.  And before the weather got crazy weird with the polar vortex, Winston played outside in Mommy's hat in his truck!

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  1. I love your idea of project 52. If I fail yet again at project 365, I'm going to have to give project 52 a try. Definitely attainable. Looking forward to your weekly picture updates!! Glad you are back to blogging!!!


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