Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Goals Recap: March 2014

March.  A month that is near and dear to my heart for it is my birth month!  It's also the month in which I became a big sister and sometimes get to celebrate Easter depending on the calendar.  It's the month of Spring Break and the hope of warmer weather.  This March the weather was a bit on the confusing side for us in Texas.  We took advantage of the nice weather days and snuggled on the rainy, cold ones!  And now for the recap:

|| We had a play date with friends from Winston's school.
 || Attended what we have dubbed "The Wedding of the Season" mainly cause it's our only wedding this season {and it was truly gorgeous!}!  We were able to catch up with dear friends who are now out of town and others that are in town that we don't see very often!

We thought we would go to the zoo at some point, but one of our planned activities fell short of expectations, we headed to the zoo!

And we made our Easter craft!

Finished my Easter wreath
Kept up my morning stretches!

Decor + House Projects
Completed the construction of our Shine to get it up to its home on our ledge!

I have a goal for April to start riding my bike again now that the weather will be a little bit nicer!    Confession: There has been a project that I have wanted to start since January and I keep pushing it back and pushing it back.... Perhaps this month I'll dive in!!  April, we are glad you are here and look forward to what you have in store!

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  1. That shine sign is awesome! Can't wait to see ti in its new "home". :)

  2. Winston is adorable! Your "shine" sign came out I want one!

  3. Love love love the SHINE sign! And you and your friends look like a ton of fun :)

  4. I love your SHINE sign and can not wait to see it up!


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