Friday, February 1, 2019

Friday Favorites {Colorado Edition}

Last week we left Texas and headed for a long weekend in Colorado with some friends!  We had great weather in that there was lots of snow to play in and it felt like winter.  It was fun to experience winter weather but good to come home to dry roads!

We pulled Winston out of school early to catch our flight.  The buddies are such good travelers.  Give them iPads, headphones and a bowlful of snacks and they are good to go!
We arrived at the house late that night.  After breakfast the next morning, we all bundled up for a time of playing outside on the driveway of the Air BnB we were staying at.  They have an awesome driveway that is perfect for sledding down when there's good snow coverage!  It truly is one of my favorite reasons to stay at Villa Panda.  {And that view! 😍}
Since everyone had a good time, we decided to take the party to a Keystone for their Kidtopia and tubing.
I am so thankful that we purchased these balaclavas for the buddies.  They did an awesome job keeping their head and faces warm and shielded from the wind.  I purchased them in one of their favorite colors, orange!  And it doubled as a great passie holder for Truman! 😂
One of my favorite things about tubing at Keystone was that they had photographers all over the place snapping photos of the fun!  The bummer part of tubing at Keystone was that Truman was under the height limit and the tubing hill for him was a little to be desired {as was the snow play fort, in my opinion.}.
Another favorite thing that I purchased for the boys for this trip was their cute snowsuits!  Truman picked them out.  They came with bibs and the awesome dinosaur jacket.  They were super warm and the buddies received lots of compliments on their cool gear! 

The next day was ski day.  Truman repeatedly said all morning that he did not want to go skiing, that he wanted to stay home.  I was only too happy to offer to stay with him!  #nodesiretoski  He and I found a deep pan, filled it with snow and played for hours with the diggers we brought along with us.  It was one of my favorite memories of the trip!
Benjamin and Winston went with our friends back to Keystone where we had a private instructor booked to teach the littles the basics of skiing.  Winston was in heaven and loved every minute of being on the mountain attached to the skis!
Every night after a hot bath we would read a few books and send the buddies off to bed to rest before another full day of fun!
For our last full day in Colorado, our family chose to head to Copper Mountain and do the tubing there, which I have decided is my favorite place to go tubing.  There are no gondola rides, the height limit is much shorter and the track is super fun! Plus, their play area has more for the littles to do.
Benjamin and I both got new snowsuits for the trip and I have to say out of all the purchases we made, they were my utmost favorite!  They are by OOSC.  They have lots of fun styles and they are super warm!  We did wear a base layer under them for extra warmth.  With both of us wearing these suits we could definitely see each other making it easy not to get lost!  😂
Other items that we purchased for this trip include: warm socks for the buddies, goggles and these snow boots.  Their feet stayed nice and dry while we were out and about in the snow.

We had a great time playing in the snow, experiencing new things and having some fun adventures! And while it is fun to go, it is fun to be home too.  We are looking forward to a low key weekend around the house.

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Wishing you a wonderful weekend friends!

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  1. Looks like a fun and snowy vacation! I too have no desire to ski and always offer to hang back.

  2. What a fun trip!! And your snow suits are THE COOLEST things ever. Seems like they were made for you!! Glad you got to enjoy a snowy getaway. I've never been tubing, but now I have the urge to give it a try.

  3. Wow those are some snowsuits!! My husband skis a lot and buys really bright ski clothes - I joke that he looks like a highlighter!!


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