Monday, February 11, 2019

Monster Jam 2019

Saturday morning the first thing Truman said when he woke up was, "Is it time to go to Monster Jam?" 😍 He had been counting down the days!

We have gone to Monster Jam each year since our first visit in 2013.  It is an event that everyone of us enjoys!  We wear our Monster Jam shirts, pack a few trucks and our ear protection in our backpack and set out to NRG Stadium.  
This time around we had heard that there were going to be a few trucks that we had not yet seen so we planned to get there in time for the Pit Party.  The Pit Party is fun to go to because it allows the opportunity to get up close to the trucks, meet the drivers and play in the dirt!  We aren't quite into standing in line for driver autographs but we love seeing the trucks, especially the ones we hadn't yet seen!  
 Winston was very excited about seeing Dragon Ice!
Truman, our resident shark lover, was on cloud nine when we got to see Megalodon Fire!  
After our time down in the pit, we head up to our seats.  For the past few years we have secured seats in one of the suites.  We get to be in a dedicated space with great seats, a bathroom and access to food at the club level.  Once we drop off our stuff we head to get food, pick up souvenirs and eat up!  Second to watching the trucks is eating all the snacks!
The evening is divided up into two parts: the races and the freestyle!  The racing is done elimination style until there is one winner.  Then they have a skills challenge such as doing donuts or a 2-wheeled tricks.  We enjoy cheering on our favorite trucks but get super excited for the freestyle section where there is big air, back flips and lots of wheelies. 
As well as Megalodon and Dragon Ice we saw Whiplash, Monster Mutt, The Rod Ryan Show, Black Stallion, Monster Energy and two all time favorites Grave Digger and El Toro Loco.  I'm all about loudly cheering on faves as they take to the course!  
What started as a way for us to have a fun family experience on Valentine's Day has turned into a family tradition.  It makes my heart so happy to spend time with my loves doing something we all enjoy making memories and screaming like crazy people at huge monster trucks! 😂
Hope you have a beautiful week friends!

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  1. Definitely looks like a fun time for everyone!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. It looks like lots of fun! I love your glasses! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. You are such a fun mom!! Monster Jam looks like so much fun. It was just in our area recently and several friends went. I need to keep this on my radar for the future because I think my kids would love it. I really love that you have Monster Jam gear and have been going for so many years.

  4. How fun! We haven't been to Monster Jam in a few years. Now I want to!


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