Thursday, April 25, 2019

Truman and His Procedure

This week Truman was such a brave boy.  He underwent an outpatient surgery at The Texas Children's Hospital in our area.

At Truman's yearly check up in February our pediatrician referred us to a pediatric urologist because one of his testicles was not fully descended.  She had noticed it was still really high at his two year check up and since it was still restricted, she wanted a specialist's opinion.

At the urology appointment, Dr. Wang won major points with Truman when she gifted him a bag full of goldfish and a tiny water bottle!  She confirmed that one of his testicles was undescended and that an outpatient surgery would need to be scheduled.  Her goal was to check both sides to check they were healthy and bring down the one that was impacted.

In the weeks leading up to his procedure we covered Truman in prayer.  We asked for prayer from friends and family.  We prayed for a good surgery time, for him not to be hangry 😂, for recovery and for health.

Since learning that Truman was going to need to have this procedure done we have come to find out that this happens to be hereditary.  Also, one boy in every twenty has an undescended testicle making this a very common occurrence.  Knowing that this is super common and a "routine" surgery also helped alleviate any worry.

Truman knew he was going to the "pee pee doctor for a procedure" as he would say!  Winston wanted to know what the doctor was going to do and so one night I explained it to him.  Then the next day at lunch Truman announced, "Tomorrow is my procedure."  Winston, in his sweet and loving way, told him, "Truman, the doctors are going to cut you and then help the little circles get down into the smooshy part of your pee pee.  It's because you can't do it one your own, so the doctor will help you.  You'll be okay Truman!"
And Truman listened intently, nodding as Winston talked and then just said, "Okay Winston."
These brothers are so sweet and Winston's interpretation of what I had shared with him was the perfect way to explain it to his little buddy.

The night before Truman chose MOD Pizza for dinner and requested a Chocolate Circle for dessert.

 The next morning we woke up and headed out.  The waiting room and the Pre-Op rooms were stocked up with toys to entertain.  I was so impressed at how patient Truman was.  Only once did he ask for a snack and we distracted him with a shiny object. 😂
Each staff member we encountered were top notch and you could tell that they just loved children.  Our anesthesiologist was amazing.  He encouraged Truman to drive the car he was playing on to his room.  Then he invited Truman to a balloon party.  When the doctor was done asking us some questions, Truman gave us hugs and kisses, loaded into his car and drove down the hall with the doctor and nurse not even looking back once!

Dr. Wang came out and told us that she only needed to work on the one side and everything was healthy!  We were so thankful to hear that!  My mom sent me this verse that popped up at that exact moment:
"Clap your hands, all you nations;
shout to God with cries of joy."
Psalm 47:1
And indeed we did!

Truman woke up from the surgery angry.  Like super angry.  Screaming and flailing.  Demanding to go home right now.  And so they quickly discharged us and away we went! As soon as we were out of the recovery area he completely calmed down.  And no sooner than we buckled him in the car, he was out hard with little snores.

 He woke up from a three hour nap in good humor and asking for some juice.  He had no vomiting or fever, praise the Lord!  He was a little groggy but in good spirits.

And the good spirits have continued!  The next day he was back to his normal peppy self - more than I thought he would be!  Tiny people sure do bounce back faster than big ones!
I am immensely grateful for God's goodness in...

...the timing of all of the appointments.  It has been amazing to me how everything has fallen into place.
...providing an amazing hospital with fabulous doctors, nurses and staff to care for us. Truman's health. Truman's attitude and spirits in this time of recovery.
...our family and friends who prayed, texted, offered help, brought by boredom busters and loved on us.

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  1. Praise God that your little Truman was ok! My son has had a few surgeries, and it's so tough seeing them go back. I'm glad everything turned out well!


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