Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Props to Noahy J

Every Christmas Eve the Johnson children gather around the tree to exchange gifts. This year was no different. It was a blessing for Noah to be at home this year as he is working 3 on/3 off shifts for Transocean.
I would like to give mad props to Noah for his Christmas gift giving this year. To Benjamin one of the gifts was Super Mario Wii. We have spent hours... HOURS... sitting on the couch with a Lulu in between, armed with Wiimotes, comfy in our spots, eyes on the TV playing Super Mario Wii. With Benjamin as Mario and I as Toad...the blue one, we take on the evil little Bowser minions and make our way closer to saving the Princess! Thanks to Noah (and the creators of SMW), we have had plenty of entertainment as well as healthy arguments about how I never grew up playing video games, why does Benjamin keep killing me, BUBBLE! - BUBBLE!, and sometimes I would like to the gold coin!
One of the gifts that Noah bestowed on me was...a SNUGGIE! Yes. Yes. I am a proud owner of a Snuggie! Most evenings that we are on the couch I am snuggled under a blanket with a LuBaby on my lap. I will admit that if Benjamin is not around and the phone rings, its quite a hassle to get out from under the blanket and find the phone. With the arms are free, but warm! The funny thing is that Noah's Sweetie Salem made Noah a Snuggie for Christmas and gave ones to both Lulu and Jingle! Benjamin...he will not be caught doinganything a Snuggie. But he loves me regardless of the joy I get from wearing my Snuggie!

{Probably one of the funniest moments of Christmas 09}

{Noahy and I in our Snuggies. Love you brother!}

{Benjamin. Not amused by our Snuggielove.}
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