Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Little Things for Wednesday

Today is Wednesday.  The middle of the week.  I have a love/hate relationships with Wednesdays.  On the one hand, they are marvelous because the signify that half of the work week is over!  On the other hand, they remind me that there is still half of the week to go...

Here are the things that made this Wednesday great!

I ate at Del's Charcoal Burgers for lunch.  They have homemade root beer (which was fabulous!) and burgers that were perfectly done.  I plan on taking Benjamin to share in the awesomeness of Del's soon!

Today was JA day.  And there is just something fantastically simple about Nilla wafers.  Kids love 'em.  Adults love 'em.  They are just simply declicious!

Benjamin has to work at the Ortho office this evening, so I will be able to catch up on my Dancing with the Stars!  And for those of you that are wondering about Xanadu.... It was funny and entertaining!  If you are able to get tickets - I say do it!  It's a spoof off of the 80's movie with Olivia Newton-John.  If you like the 80's, rollerskates and musicals, you will like Xanadu!

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