Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gold Class all the way

Thursday was quite a whirlwind day for Benjamin and I.  It started out with an appointment for me to have some testing done because I had another bout of pain last Sunday.  We grabbed a bite to eat, went about our days - Benjamin to school and I to work.  Benjamin brought me a snack at work and then headed to The Container Store for his fourth visit since we discovered that the one at Plano Pkwy was relocating.  I joined him so that we could load the car down with the purchases and hurry home to feed Lu and pop out the door again.

We were going on a date.

A free one!

We went to Gold Class Cinemas at the Village at Fairview on Stacy and 75 where we had free movie going experience!  Gold Class Cinemas hosted an open house this week in order to prepare for their Grand Opening this week.  Benjamin had called ahead and reserved us seats for Shutter Island.

Once on the main floor,  we were greeted by a lounge and concierge desk that looks like it should belong in a boutique hotel.  We checked in at the desk, were given our tickets and a hostess gave us menus and led us to our theatre.  In the theatre, we sat in our oversized orange chairs with a little table positioned between us.  The chair's arm lift open to reveal a hollow space for purse storage - how handy!  We were each treated to one item off of the food menu - and it was a hard decision.  There was everything from salads, mixed fruit, beignets, homemade brownies, and gourmet sandwiches.  Benjamin had one of their sandwiches and I had the chicken satay.  Both dishes were very tasty!

The chairs were fantastic!  We could move them from sitting upright to almost laying completely flat.  The chairs were uber comfortable and upon request, the server provided us with blankets which made the experience a comfortable one.

Shutter Island was pleasantly not what I had in mind.  The movie held my attention the whole way through.  It kept Benjamin and I talking about it all the way home!

Overall, we decided that it was an impressive experience.  It is not your average movie theatre, no, it is much more.  We will go again when we are feeling up for a fancy night out to the movies!

A tip:  Make sure to get their membership card - it's free and it reduces the movie ticket price from $30 to $17.50!

{benjamin enjoying the experience}

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  1. How fun! It's like watching a movie in your loving room...just with random strangers there also. :) Good tip with the membership, that's crazy!


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