Wednesday, May 12, 2010

High Flying Act

My mom has wanted to go skydiving for as long as I can remember.  It's one of those things that has been on her bucket list and is on mine too.  Noah came up with the brilliant idea for the three of us kids to take Mom skydiving for Mother's Day!  He found a place to jump, made reservations and then went off shore for three weeks.  This left the task of telling Mom to keep her Saturday open to me.


Me who gets so excited about surprises that she almost can hardly keep herself together.

Me who gets giddy at the thought of how excited the other person is going to be with the gift she has purchased for them that she almost begs them to ask for hints.


I kept it together and was able to side-step comments from Mom like "We're all going?  So, I guess it's not skydiving because your Dad would never do that."  Me:  "Right.  We are all going."  Her:  "How far is it?"  Me:  "We'll have to take a car."

Benjamin and I decided that she needed something little to open on the Friday night before.  We headed off to Dollar General in search of one of those little men with the parachutes attached.  We hit the jackpot and wrapped it up.

Friday night we were all sitting in the living room and Mom opened her gift.  ".....Parachute Jumper...."  At that moment Noah starts running around the room yelling "We're going skydiving!!" The look on her face was awesome and we sat talking about the next day's events.

Saturday Morning.

We are up.  We are at 'em.  We are at the place at 10am.  We sign our life away.  Literally.  The last page contained the word WARNING! in about a size 72 font with scary words like dangerous, risks, seriously injured or even killed.  We all signed them anyway.  And took a picture to prove it.

{note Mom and Noah:  they are happy and glad they signed their lives away}
{note Benjamin and I: we realize the gravity of what could go down}

We turned in our forms, paid, watched an intro movie and waited.  And waited.
And waited.

And then the clouds moved in.  And stayed.

After 3 hours or so of waiting and jumps being on hold because of the clouds, Benjamin and Noah got the scoop - We would probably be waiting another 3-4 hours because of the cloud cover.

We got a rain check.  Or a cloud-check as my Mom called it.

After a day of getting psyched up to do this thang, we had to reschedule.  August 6th is the day and we are all looking forward to flying high and marking this activity off of our bucket lists!

Happy Mother's Day Mom!  


  1. Wow!! My Mom would NEVER do that!! What a cool Mom you have!!

  2. Donna - are you mad, or what!!!??? However, I'll look forward to hearing more about your adventures of the high flying type!


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