Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vapiano means Delicious!

On Tuesday evening Benjamin and I went down to Mockingbird Station to meet Jonathan and Kim for dinner.  They are going on the Bolivia mission trip with Benjamin in a week.  We wanted to meet for dinner before they all left on their journey.  Benjamin found Vapiano for us to eat at. And I am glad that he did.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were handed a Vapiano's card.  This card kept track of the food that we ordered.  When ordering there, you walk up to the counter of the type of food you would like to eat - salad, pizza, or pasta.  The chef is behind the counter waiting for your selection.  He types it into the computer, you swipe your card and he sets out on making your dish. 

Benjamin chose the a dish made of Alfredo sauce, chicken and his choice of pasta.  I chose a dish with pasta, Sicilian sausage and craisins.

Yes, you read that correctly.  Craisins.

It was fantastically surprising!  The presentation of the food was very well done and the taste was spectacular!  Jonathan and Kim both enjoyed their selections as well.

When you are done eating for the evening, you take your card to the front and pay for your selections.  

I definitely recommend going and giving it a whirl.  It has now found a place on our "Favorite Places to Eat" list!

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