Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Donuts + a Give-a-way!

A correction has been made to the closing dates of this give-a-way - It will end April 9th and the winner will be announced on April 10th!

Awhile back I spotted a cute little donut maker by Bella Cucina when I was out shopping with my Mom and Grandma.  I just adore little machines that help create fun foods - panini makers, cupcake makers, and now, my little donut maker!
Benjamin loves cake donuts so I hoped onto, read through the donut recipes they had to offer and decided to try out this one...

Start out with flour, sugar, baking powder, nutmeg, cinnamon and salt.  Then add in milk, eggs, vanilla, and shortening.  After the ingredients are all mixed together, scoop the mixture into the donut maker and wait a 4-8 minutes... then...
After the donuts cool, add almond icing!

Because it's birthday week...
Because I have enjoyed making the donuts above and more...
Because I appreciate you, dear reader....

I am giving away one of these fantastic little donut makers!  
The maker comes with a recipe book that has gourmet recipes for blueberry, butterscotch, Very Cherry donuts and more!

Here's how you can enter... 
You will have three chances to win, so be sure to enter 3 separate comments

1. Follow my blog and leave a comment saying that you do!
You have to be a follower of our blog through Google Friend Connect!  You 
must be a follower in order to win!  Tell me that you follow.
2. Leave a comment stating what your favorite donut is!
3. Tell others about this give-a-way either on your facebook or through your blog!
Once you have told others, let me know where by leaving a comment!

The give-a-way will end on Saturday, April 9th and the winner announced on Sunday, April 10th.
Bella Cucina does not know that I exist even though I love their foods and their sweet machines!

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Project 52: Week 12

Happy Mid-Week!
The week started off with a birthday party for Bailey puppy as she turned 1!  Then in honor of my 28th birthday, Hubs threw me a karaoke party with my dear sweet friends!
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Friday, March 25, 2011

Lulu vs. the Squirrel

Springtime brings sunshine, cool breezes and squirrels.  Squirrels that lay on top of our fence.  Lay on top of our fence and sun themselves.
And when the squirrel lays on our fence it causes Lulu to go crazy.  She sees the squirrel, charges and then spends the minutes that follow trying to climb the fence.
Look at the air that she gets!

Squirrel realizes that Lulu has some ups and decides to lean on the opposite side of the fence to blend in a little more.
Lulu is not fooled...
Then, Squirrel decides that it needs to be hidden a little more and pulls this move....
What?!  Crazy Squirrel!  
How are you holding on to the fence like that?  I decided I had to find out.  So I climbed the fence to get a little closer look...
After snapping this photo, Squirrel took off on a mad dash sprint down the fence and then bolted into a flying leap onto the roof.
Which made Lulu chase her down, bark and pace back and forth beneath the roof.

Squirrel - 1; Lulu worn out from barking and pacing.  
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Project 52: Week 10 and Week 11

The past two weeks have flown by so quickly!  So quickly in fact that I have slacked on posting my Project 52 in a timely manner... so without further adieu, the past two weeks!

The only picture from this week was my Starbuck's cup with the new fancy logo!  The barista who crafted my Cinnamon Dolce Latte took upon herself to graffiti my cup... with love!

From the top left: Sonja, Brandi, Salem and I at Salem's bridal shower... only a few months left until the big day!  Andrew and Conner dressed in their green bow ties for St. Patty's Day.  Sam and Ben's Bailey puppy turned 1!  Pig nose at the Houston Livestock show.

Until next week!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Book Review: Incendiary

A few years ago, my dad recommended for me to read The Road by Cormac McCarthy.  I did.  I did not like it.  It was depressing and I called it the worse book ever.

Then I read Incendiary by Chris Cleave.

This has now replaced The Road as the worse book ever.

Every once in a while when I am at Target, I'll pick up a book from their end cap.  Every time before this I have enjoyed the spontaneous pick from their selection.  This is how Incendiary even came to be in my line up.

The book takes place a few days before the London city bombings that happened in 2005.  The whole book is a letter written by a mother whose child and husband dies in the bombings.  The letter is written to Osama Bin Laden.

While this may sound interesting to you, as it did to me, the story did not resonate with me at all.  It left me despising the mother and not sympathizing for her at all.  Not even a smidge.

I think I'm going to recycle the book.  Or use it as kindling for our fire pit.
Unless you want to rescue it.  I will be happy to mail it to you.
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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project 52: Week 9

March is here which means spring sunshine, flowers blooming and most importantly, my birthday!  :)

This week I spent a huge part of the evenings reading - I devoured The Hunger Games Trilogy like it was nobody's business while Luly kept watch.  I ate a new place in Richardson called Salados - they put fritos in your burrito upon request.  Andrew decided to wear a t-shirt to work on Friday without a jacket. So he tried to wear mine.  This is what I envisioned happening to my jacket...  Hello Spring haircut!

Until next week,
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