Saturday, May 21, 2011

Congratulation Lunch Bunch!

One of our fun graduation activities was a dinner at Maggiano's with the Lunch Bunch.  Benjamin took the lead and booked a private room for our group since with spouses there could potentially be 16 of us!  It was fantastic to have our own space to mingle and enjoy each other's company.
Brian and Benjamin picked the menu for the evening.  Everything was absolutely fantastic!  I just love Maggiano's.  I normally eat very light so that I can gorge myself on their fabulous Italian goodness.  And yes, it's the perfect opportunity to eat something of everything!
 After dinner we went out into the sitting lounge to take some photos.  You know me: have camera, will take photos.
Brian, Brian, Benjamin, Stephen, Todd and Jeremy
 Matt's son, Ryder, had a baseball game the night of the dinner so they were unable to make it.  Nathaniel's wife, Erin, delivered their first son Jude the day before so that was their excuse for not making it out!  They were both missed so the guy's wanted to show them that they left a spot for them!
When we started out four years ago, there was only three kids between the 8 couples.  Today there are 10 kids and two more on the way!  Out of our group we have four folks going directly into private practice, two attending AEGD programs at Baylor and Temple, one specializing in pedodontics at Baylor and one specializing in orthodontics in Houston.  Everyone in staying in Texas, but spreading way out.  We will be in Amarillo, Omaha, Temple, Dallas and Houston.  Can you say road trip?  I am overwhelmed by how God has blessed all of us in the ways that were the best for each family.

The guys have already started planning the yearly reunion for next June!

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