Monday, June 6, 2011

Lake Adventure

Ever been to Frankston, Texas?  I didn't figure that you had.  It's between Tyler and Palestine.  It was our destination for Memorial Weekend.  Thanks to Jeffrey's uncle Larry, we had a fantastic house by the lake to call ours for three days.
Here are the folks we went with:
Here is what we got up to:
 I "helped" Andrew while he inflated his boat.
 The boys went fishing.
 There was sitting and relaxing.
 There was shooting.
 Jeffrey did some grilling.
 The girls did some relaxing.

 Andrew and his little Red Ryder.
 I cooked pancakes and bacon while Andrew assisted in flipping.
 There was more shooting.
 There was walking.  3.5 miles to be exact.  In the heat of the day.  Not doing that again.
 Andrew brought his water balloon launcher but no water balloons.  Valerie and I took a trip into the big town to get some Dairy Queen and stopped at Dollar General to grab a few things.  Water balloons was one of the items.  We made the boys happy.  What made them even more thrilled was that Valerie and I rowed the boat into the middle of the lake and acted a moving target while the boys took turns trying to hit us.  The key word is trying.  I think only one or two actually hit us.
 The ladies, mockingly waving at the boys.  It was hours, and I mean hours of entertainment!
 Thanks to these guys...
and these girls, a fantastic time was had by all!
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  1. Looks like ya'll had a blast. We need to make some friends that have a lake house! Slightly jealous!


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