Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Grand Dexter Adventure

One Friday night we received a notice that our dear friend Dexter had been entered into his first Wiener Dog race ever and would we like to attend to cheer him on?

Our answer was an emphatic yes!  We bundled up and drove to the Sam Houston Race Park where this sign greeted us.
We found Dexter, Kala and Luke walking down the sidewalk, ready for their first racing adventure.  We entered the building where all of the little competitors were waiting and were overwhelmed with a buzz of excitement and what seemed like hundreds of doxies in racing t-shirts!

In honor of the races, the park was selling $1 hot dogs!  Kinda morbid in one way and creative in another.  Dexter was in the first heat.  While they were lining up, Jeff and Diana met us to get a spot to watch Dexter in his debut race!

Once the doors opened, there was mass pandemonium!  Turns out Dexter didn't quite get the hang of it like we had hoped it would...however he did make it across the finish line {even if Kala had to chase him there!}.

Thanks to Dexter, Kala and Luke for a fun night of cold, cheap and very entertainment!

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