Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pregnancy Reveal: The Office

After our first appointment at the doctor's where we could clearly see our Little Thing, I decided I would tell my co-workers I was pregnant.  But I couldn't just send any old email saying, "Hey, I'm with child!"  So, I wrote up this email to my fellow Hessians:

Title: Doctor's Visit
Hello All,
I would like to ask for everyone's sensitivity in the next few months.  I have just returned from the doctor and I have been diagnosed with a condition that will cause substantial weight gain in the coming months.  The weight gain will only be temporary, however I will have to live with the constant side-effects of this condition for the rest of my life.  I may also suffer through mild mood swings and extreme fatigue.  Thank you for your patience in advance - it will be worth it because around mid-October a live manifestation of this condition will make its appearance into the world!  Is the world ready for a Baby Cozad???!!!
Thank you,

Needless to say, minutes after sending the email I was receiving IM's of astonishment and congratulations, people coming to the cube to hug me and then a few folks who called to tell me that the beginning of my email had them worried sick and they were about to start offering help for a serious illness and that it was not kind to play with their emotions!

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  1. HILAROUS!!! I love it!! Wasn't it so fun to tell all your family the exciting news. I had such a good time telling ours that we were pregnant. I can't wait to find out what Wee Cozad is? Are you finding out? It should be soon if you are!!!


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