Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I'm not sure about you, but I've always been fascinated with the exercise balls that folks would bring into the office to sit on.  I know that they are supposed to promote a strong core, but seriously... it's just because sometimes it's nice as a grown up to have an excuse to bounce on a ball!

As an alternative to the balls, how fun are these ErgoErgo seats?  For only $100 they also rock and bounce to promote an ergonomic alternative to boring office chairs.  

Go ahead and indulge your inner child... add some bounce to your day!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Lovin' Lulu with a Bark Box!

As you all may or may not realize, Lulu is a huge part of our family.  She is our first child, our little fur baby.  She has been with us for four years now and is a delight in our day.  One of my favorite parts of the afternoon is seeing her little head pop up over the side of the couch and hearing her tail flapping against the pile of pillows she has perched herself on.  
Benjamin and I know that having a Winston around is going to rock her little world, so we are taking proactive steps to start getting her acclimated to his things and to let her know that she is still precious to us.  We have set up the highchair and have moved it around the kitchen and dining room so that she is used it something rolling around after her.  We have been playing the sounds the little musical things and thankfully, she hasn't been bothered much by them.   One suggestion we have not yet done, but will be doing is to set up something in the crib that makes crying baby sounds.  
Our philosophy right now is that one of us will have a Winston and one of us will have a Lulu.  We know that we'll still have the evenings to love on her and we're counting on her adoring little Winston as much as she adores us!

Another thing I've done in an effort to make her feel special during the first few months is subscribe her to Bark Box.  Each month she will receive a box full of goodies especially for her!  I just love surprises and this is a fabulous way to get new things {toys! treats!} and enjoy a surprise!  And because I heart companies that give back, Bark Box also donates 10% of it's revenue to pet shelters.  If you'd think it's something you'd like to try out, click on this link and receive a discount on your first subscription.  Lulu's first box arrives in September, so count on a review of how she liked it and what it contained!  Also, Groupon is currently offering a discount on the 3-month subscription via here
Some may call us a little nuts for how much we love our Lubaby and the crazy things we do for her... but we're okay with that!

Family Routine

Yup.  That sums up our little family in a set of 1, 2, 3!  
Created by Fresh Words Market, it is available on One Kings Lane for a discount!  Hooray!

Not with One Kings Lane yet?  Click here and join!

Happy Weekend to you friends!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Give a Penny, Take a Penny: Hospital Bag

After some consideration, I'm trying out a new segment that I will call Give a Penny, Take a Penny.  GAP TAP for short.  Based off of the phrase, "A penny for your thoughts..." I'll throw out a topic where I would like you to offer up advice or comments on your experience or the experience of others you know.  Feel free to give a penny or even perhaps learn something new and take a penny! 

Here we go:

When it comes to the hospital bag, what was the most useful item that you took along with you that you thought, "Man!  I am so thankful I have this!"  And in saying that, was there something that your significant other was thankful to have?

..aaand go.
Much love,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bump It: 31 Weeks

9 weeks left.  NINE.  That is the equivalent of 63 days.  1512 hours.  Gulp.  Nervousness and then excitement!  So much excitement and a full heart of anticipation on the day when we'll get to meet our wonderful Winston Ace!  It's kinda funny to me - I remember what I felt like when I was 9 weeks pregnant with 31 to go: nervous, excited, hopeful, nauseous.  Now that it's 31 weeks pregnant and 9 to go I feel: nervous, excited, hopeful, nauseous!  A complete circle of emotions!

We head to the doctor tomorrow to get a more exact guess on the due date.  We continue to mark actions off of our to do list.  Things such as:
  • Find a pediatrician
  • Sell our spare bedroom set
  • Start setting up the room to be ready for Winston
  • Take glucose test
I am happy to report that my glucose test came back normal!  And that it wasn't as horrible as I had built it up in my mind to be.  I was under the impression that I was going to have to suck down a Route 44 sized orange slush mixture that was going to make me gag.  Quite the contrary - I had 5 minutes to drink what looked like a small bottle of orange Fanta.  I cracked open the top, took a deep breath and started chugging the liquid.  And I'm glad I did - I got most of it down in one go!  When I returned less than a minute later to throw the bottle away, the nurse looked at me with large eyes and said, "You're done drinking it already?!"  Yup, empty bottle is proof of that.

As mentioned above we started getting the room ready for Winston.  Here's a little teaser.
Our theme for the room is Whimsy Woodsy for Winston!  Surprised we didn't go with a monkey theme?  And wondering why a monkey is in this picture?  Well, Jacques the sock monkey matches the colors!

In the next few weeks Benjamin, Lulu and I are planning on making every effort to continue enjoying life as we know it.  We are still very relaxed about the upcoming life changing event even though we are in the single digit week countdown.  I have been sleeping really well at night, thank the Lord and am not taking that for granted in the slightest!  I am still mesmerized by how miraculous it is that a tiny human is being knit together in my womb.  I don't really have to do much - eat well, sleep well and God takes care of the rest.  
Getting' ready!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have serious furniture envy when I look at at POLaRT's Inside Out collection.  It's functional art!  How fantastically creative would you get with furniture like this?  Oh, the options!

all images from POLaRT.com

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Travel: Vegas in the Fall

In the fall, Benjamin and I will be venturing here.
Yes, it will be for a conference.  You know how we roll.  We are excited about this trip because neither of us have ever been to Las Vegas!

Things that I know I visit while I am there include:
How whimsically wonderful does this place look?
This organization collects and displays neon signs from the Vegas Strip as a way of preserving history and appreciating the art of neon signs.

While perusing through Not Martha, one of her travel links boasted this post by everywhereist and after reading it, I have put The Arts Factory as a place to visit and eat.  

Besides the staples of the Bellagio Fountains and trying out a slot machine or two, what would you suggest putting on our list of to-do's?

Ready for vacation,

vegas sign  neon museum arts factory

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