Friday, October 26, 2012

Mr. Speedy

Yes, we are still alive!  We have survived week one and are enjoying every moment - the busy ones and the nap time ones.  Here's a few moments of cuteness to tie you over until the next post.  Our Little Mr. Speedy!  Isn't that a cute little turtle?  And Winston's not too bad either!  Haha!  
I just love that he is using all of his facial muscles!  Cute faces!
One of my favorites from the night...
From a monkey hat, to a monkey pose...
It's exhausting having a Mommy who loves to snap up all the cuteness she can get!


  1. Love how he dose give a lot of facial expressions! Keep the pictures comming! Love seeing him!

  2. Sara, he's just adorable!!!! I love him. And all of his facial expressions! Keep posting! :))

  3. Winston is such a handsome little man! I love the sweet pictures of his facial expressions. Congrats again girly and what a special special time in the Cozad life:)


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